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Glossary of Terms

Email Destination

As the name implies, an Email Destination is an identifier by which somebody can be reached via I2P/Bote.

Email Address

Email Addresses in I2P/Bote are shortcuts for Email Destinations.
Email Address<-->Email Destination mappings are stored in two places:

  • local address book;
  • distributed address directory.

Email Identity

An Email Identity is an Email Destination plus a name you want to be known as when you use that identity.
Technically speaking, an Email Identity consists of four things:

  • The two public keys of Email Destination;
  • The two private keys of Email Destination;
  • A public name which is shown to other people in emails;
  • A description which is not shown to anybody but you (it helps you remember which Email Identity you use for which purpose).

An Email Identity is not required for sending emails (in that case only "Anonymous" can be set in the "sender" field).

I2P destination

The address of a I2P/Bote node on the I2P network. There is normally no need to know it.
Stored in file destination.key in working directory.
I2P destinations and Email Destinations look similar, but are completely independent of each other.


A full-featured node that is capable of handling requests for storage, retrieval, deletion, etc.
The "closest" to the DHT-keys is determined by the I2P destination of this nodes type.

Relay (Peer)

A node with high availability in the near future (at least 18 hours in the last 24 hours).
They are used as intermediaries for anonymized transmission of packets to Nodes.

Last update: 2023-03-10