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I2P/Bote Protocol

I2P/Bote is a server-less encrypted DHT Kademlia-based email exchange protocol.


  • v5: current version with fixed communication issues.
  • v6: possible future version. Currently in draft state.



  • i2p.i2p-bote
    • Original implementation of the protocol as a plugin for Java I2P router
    • Protocol: v4, v5(?)
    • Status: life support(?)
  • i2pboted
    • Standalone Go implementation
    • Protocol: v4(?)
    • Status: frozen(?)
  • pboted
    • Standalone C++ implementation
    • Protocol: v4, v5
    • Status: active


Submitting changes

Please send a GitHub Pull Request to I2P/Bote documentation with a clear list of what you've done (read more about pull requests).

Please make sure:

  • All of your commits are atomic (one feature per commit).
  • Log message for your commits is clear.
    One-line messages are fine for small changes, but bigger changes should look like this:
$ git commit -m "A brief summary of the commit
> A paragraph describing what changed and its impact."


The project is not intended to generate commercial benefits.

  • XMR: 85P3aEXrYMn1YxnQaZSBWy6Ur6j9PVRxmCd3Ey1UanKAdKnhd2iYNdrEhNJ2JeUdcC8otSHogRTnydn4aMh8DwbSMs4N13Z


If you have any questions about the code and style, you can find me in [#dev] channel on ilita IRC network in to I2P.

Sincerely yours,

Last update: 2023-03-10